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We are looking for piece of woks that are in line with our vision of telling stories that redefine the evolving history, culture and people of the Niger Delta.


This Month's Author

Michael Afenfia, is a Cultural Bridging Facilitator based in Saskatchewan, Canada. He is the author of four critically acclaimed novels, When the Moon Caught Fire, A Street Called Lonely, Don’t Die on Wednesday and The Mechanics of Yenagoa. His 2020 release, The Mechanics of Yenagoa is a captivating read laced with humour, pop culture and pidgin English. His academic background is in law and business administration. Before relocating to Canada in the summer of 2019, he worked as Speechwriter to the Governor of his home state, Bayelsa in Nigeria. Michael has also worked in Banking, Real Estate and Communications. He has had considerable experience in both private and public sector organizations and can watch TV all day if you let him.

A lawyer with an MBA, Michael is from Bayelsa State.

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Nunritecine is a digital storytelling platform on the Niger Delta exploring, expressing and redefining identities and stories through literary, art, culture and film lenses. We are a community of young and devoted creative artists passionate about distorting narratives and changing perceptions about the Niger Delta.