Our Team

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nunritecine, is a graduate of history and diplomatic studies at Niger Delta University. She is a writer, social critic and a digital media enthusiast, passionate about telling stories through different mediums such as the literary, and film mediums, especially as a tool for change. She considers digital technology as just a tool and not the entire solution to any problem. She spends her time weaving stories that explore the human experiences of the Niger Delta people, as well as obsessing about natural hair, and well-cooked plantain porridge.

Art Director for Nunritecineis a graduate of dramatic and theatre arts from the Niger Delta University. He is a 360 degrees brand developer, photojournalist, and digital artist, whose works are avant-gardist and driven by the need for social reconstruction.

Editorial Assistant for Nunritecine is a poet, essayist, pretend photographer, and an undergraduate student of English and literary studies at the University of Lagos. She’s passionate about education and hopes to gift children across continents books for learning. Her works of poetry have been featured in Cultural Weekly and the Tell! Anthology.

Marketing Assistant for Nunritecine is a Microbiology undergraduate at the University of Port Harcourt. She is a body art model, and an event manager, passionate about raising awareness through art, storytelling and community building. She considers herself a “muse” and an advocate for sexual and body positivity, which she pursues through various body art projects.

Research Assistant for Nunritecine is a writer and a senior cultural officer at Bayelsa State Council for Arts and Culture. She is a Niger Delta University graduate of English and literary studies, a contributor @blankpaperz magazine, and the convener of the USL Project; an advocacy project focused on women building.

Contributor for Nunritecine is a nurse by day and a poet by night, while pursuing a degree at Ladoke Akintola University. She is a budding guitarist, lover of plants, beautiful things and people. She believes that self-awareness and self-love are the keys to living a beautiful life.

Research Assistant for Nunritecine is a writer, compere and an English and Communications undergraduate student at the Federal University Otuoke. She currently leads an NGO – The Real Yenagoa Girl, a community which focuses on the development of young females in Bayelsa state, Nigeria. She is a social enthusiast and also free-spirited. When she isn’t working, she volunteers for community projects and snacks on Shawarma.

Curator for Nunritecine is a painter, creative illustrator and a photographer with a Fine and Applied Arts graduate degree from Niger Delta University. He’s a practicing artist, exploring various mediums and surfaces in painting.
Nathan describes himself as a nomad, a movie enthusiast and a book lover who doesn’t read as much as he should.


Nunritecine is a digital storytelling platform on the Niger Delta exploring, expressing and redefining identities and stories through literary, art, culture and film lenses. We are a community of young and devoted creative artists passionate about distorting narratives and changing perceptions about the Niger Delta.