Our Brands

Nun Pro Creative Hub

  • Nun Pro Creative Hub is a consulting and marketing firm that represents creative; artists – writers, filmmakers, visual and digital artists, market and sell their crafts and skills.

  • The Nun Pro Creative Hub is also an online community of creative artists and professionals and a platform and medium where professionals can connect, network and collaborate on projects, and businesses. (This should have a button that leads to the Nun-Pro Creative Hub page)

Why You Should Join Our Community

The Nun Pro Creative Hub offers you a network of professionals in your field that can steer your interests, skills and brand. Through our community you can commune, connect and collaborate.

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The Storyteller Book and Art Café

The Storyteller Book and Art Café is our online book and art store that seeks to bridge the gap between art and book lovers, readers and collectors who are looking to get the best deals on books and artWe bring you exciting book offers and seamless book purchases. Click here … to get a showcase.

The Nunritecine Magazine

The Nunritecine Magazine – The 1st issue of our magazine showcasing literary, arts, culture, and film in Nigeria will be published in 2021. Digital and print release dates will be out soon.


Nunritecine is a digital storytelling platform on the Niger Delta exploring, expressing and redefining identities and stories through literary, art, culture and film lenses. We are a community of young and devoted creative artists passionate about distorting narratives and changing perceptions about the Niger Delta.