We Are SKL

SFV and CS:GO Evo 2019 finalists. 

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  • The Nunritecine Research Fund is a resource fund initiated for the research, promotion and continuous improvement of our Niger Delta storytelling vision.

This Resource Fund would be in three forms and would help start;

  1. Our online Library and art studio.

  2. Finance field research.

  3. Online promotion of our content, stories and beautiful creative material.

To support us please click here…

Thank you for showing interest in supporting our vision of redefining and retelling our stories digitally. We are committed to reestablishing new narratives and promoting the culture, and history of the Niger Delta people through finding youthful artistic and technologically initiated solutions.

To do that, we need your generous donation and support.

Donations – Cash (link to accept payments)

  • Books/Photographs/Artworks/Craft/ (link to dropbox for images) and email for enquiries.

  • Skill/Service (link to register to fill a form and donate skill/service)


Nunritecine is a digital storytelling platform on the Niger Delta exploring, expressing and redefining identities and stories through literary, art, culture and film lenses. We are a community of young and devoted creative artists passionate about distorting narratives and changing perceptions about the Niger Delta.